Jkt Jobs Vacancies At Immigration Department

The National Building Force (JKT) announces a call to join the Immigration Department for the JKT training graduates of the Kikwete and Operation Guides who are in JKT camps and those who have completed the contract and return to their homes.

The youth are required to report to the JKT Mgulani Camp in Dar es Salaam for participation in the interview from 10 August 2019 to 14 August 2019 under the supervision of officials from the Department of Immigration.

In addition, young people who qualify will have to depend on the cost of accommodation, food and transportation for as long as they are in the interview.

The qualifications for joining the interview are as follows:

  •     Be a Tanzanian citizen who is physically and mentally healthy.


  •     Have never been convicted and convicted of a crime in the country or abroad.

  •     Able to speak and write Swahili and English fluently, able to write, speak other international languages ​​will be given priority.

  •     Ranging in age from 18 to 30 years.

  •     He should be ready to attend and graduate pre-military immigration training for a minimum of nine months at any military college.

  •     Undergraduate / Higher Degree from a Higher Education or Government recognized institution, applicants with a Bachelor’s degree, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical, Electronic and Public Communication, Real Estate, International Languages, Mass Communications / Journalism, Project Management and Evaluations will be given priority.

Qualified teenagers should arrive in the interview with the following items:

    Original certificate and one copy of the applicant’s birth certificate.

    Copy of Grade 7 

qualification certificates,

 Form Four, Form Six and Higher Degree from any government recognized institution or institution.

    Original Certificate of Graduate National Army Training with a pen.



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