Employment Opportunities At (TADEPA) Tanzania

Employment Opportunities At (TADEPA) Tanzania

Information about TADEPA
Tanzania Development and AIDS Prevention Association (TADEPA) is a Tanzanian Nongovernmental organization (NGO) currently offices in Kagera, Geita, Shinyanga and Dodoma regions. Was formed and registered in 1997 and acquired mandated to work in all regions of Tanzania mainland. The main purpose of TADEPA is to promote development in totality through and fight against public problems HIV/AIDS and its integrated effects.

TADEPA’s Vision: Healthy, Wealthy and Just Community
TADEPA’s Mission is committed to empower the community to improve their livelihood through active participation in protection of human rights, conservation of environment and promotion of societal socio-economic stance.

About USAID Kizazi Kipya Programme
TADEPA in partinership with Pact Tanzania is implementing USAID Kizazi Kipya programme that provider services aligned with PEPFAR illustrative eligible OVC services. FY20 Priorities for USAID Kizazi Kipya OVC programme include:

i. 90- 90-90 strategy with following perfect results and indicators on OVC_HIVSTAT Targeting, reach 100% of all beneficiaries, promote active involvement of efforts for assisted disclosure with health professionals, complete referrals for HTS in a timely manner,100% of HIV+ tested OVC , Adherence Monitoring, Viral load mornitoring with clinical partiners, Participation of CSO (TADEPA) in case review meetings at CTC, Very
closely, demonstrated and documented, collaboration with clinical partners at all level,
ii. HIV Prevention Package with adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW) including: DREAMS Intervention, Specific focus on 9- 14 years old, Introduction of special three mandatory Modules.
iii. Increase ownership of Government of Tanzania with NICMS eventually preparation for handling over the project that include : CSO plans/ Budgets to plan Rep, Ward level readiness assessment, Systemic case file transition from CSOs to ward that will meet redness criteria, Ward officer leadership of CCW meetings , Regular data review meetings with Government at LGA level, Quarterly led by CSOs[ TADEPA] and regional level and Semi annually led by cluser, Joint site visit by cluster and National office with JSI CHSSP.

The main goal of USAID Kizazi Kipya is improved health and social wellbeing of Most Vulnerable children OVCpe, young people and their families through strategic service delivery support.
Kizazi Kipya Vision is to ensure Vulnerable Children, youth, their families and caring communities participate in a core package of tailored client and community centered combination of HIV prevention and care with traceable linkages to VTC, referral, care, treatment and other comprehensive/ Social/ economic services.

Available posts and required candidates
To facilitate the smooth implementation of this programme TADEPA is seeking to recruit suitably qualified, well motivated capable and candidates to work under USAID Kizazi Kipya programme in Kahama Town, Council, Msalala DC and Ushetu DC and Bukoba DC One post for Coordinator as the following list

Project Coordinator Kizazi Kipya one post (Bukoba DC)

Job summary:

To effectively and efficiently facilitate the running of USAID Kizazi Kipya
Programme through proper coordination of all Kizazi Kipya team in Bukoba DC including,
Health HIV officer, M&E cum data Manager, CMO, CMC, Economic Strengthening and
Livelihood Officer and Accountant with special emphasis in enabling TADEPA to achieve the
set USAID Kizazi Kipya mission, goals and objectives and targets

Required Knowledge, skills and experiences
The followings essential skills are expected from for the smooth achievement of the USAID
Kizazi Kipya project goal.
At least 5- 10 years working experience in project planning, management and
coordination sections.

  • As overall coordinator will be also responsible to undertake resource management both [ Material and Human Management issues] and building good relationship among staff within the organization and wider community outside of the organization
  • Experience in organizing and managing HIV/AIDS and other community based health care and development programmes Strong managerial skills, Strong interpersonal skills ,Strong capacity building skills Strong ability to establish and maintain stakeholder relationships and experience in using action learning research
  • Good general knowledge, excellent oral and written expression/ communication, interpersonal skills, patience and courtesy and a very wide range of more specific behavioral skills,
  • Attention to the person, interaction, ability to transmit information, plus keen organizational sensitivity are required to understand quickly the beneficiaries’ needs,
  • Good skill in organizing and facilitating user friendly training sessions, meetings, dialogues and conversation
  • Knowledge on Tanzania Health social and Health system and How to work closely with RHMT and CHMTs and other district HIV/AIDS Commitees, MVCC,WDC VD

Job / responsibilities
To make sure that objectives of the USAID Kizazi Kipya are met Coordinator’s responsibilities
and duties will include:

  • Overseeing all Kizazi Kipya Programme Team member on day- to day basis
  • Coordinate and provide overall leadership for Kizazi Kipya Activities in Bukoba DC
  • Share direct supervision and responsibilities of Kizazi Kipya Bukoba Dc Programme officers \
  • Facilitated development of monthly and weekly activity plans per each programme officer
  • Review and approve pre- implementation / note and action plans and cash request plans for all programme officer
  • Receive and review and approve all field activity implementation Narrative report
  • Organized and chair daily, weekly and monthly Kizazi Kipya review meetings for ongoing planning.
  • Inquire and collect all prgramme periodic reports from programme officers for compilation of one report for onward dissemination to the responsible authorities
  • Make a follow –up and evaluate all of field activities through Schedule and Surprise visists
  • Provide technical assistance, supportive supervision to all staff and community stakeholders
  • Identify and develop and maintain relationships by ensuring regular engagement and coordination, with key strategic partners in Government sector, service providers, civil society, media etc
  • Together with the managed and Account section plan conduct budget follow up expenditures control according to donor guideline and TADEPA financial policy
  • Together with program team conduct project mid and annual evaluation.

Required Qualification
Bachelor Degree Diploma in, Sociology, Community development, Health Sciences, Public health, Development studies, Health planning and administration or other social and Health science studies, Public Admistration, Human Resources

Accountant cum Financial Managers ( Required two posts)

Job purpose summary: To maintain TADEPA’s financial administration and management at
regulated standards in order to enable the organization to attain its mission, goals and
objective with great emphasis on proper accountability
To be rresponsible for the effective application of accounting policies and practices and
enforcement of financial reporting systems and internal financial control procedures across
organization and Kizazi Kipya programme.

Essential knowledge, skills and experiences
The followings essential skills are expected from the Accountant cum financial manager for
the smooth achievement of the TADEPA and Kizazi Kipya project goal.

  • At least 2 years working experience in accounting section is required
  • As finance and Administrator will be also responsible to undertake resource management [both Material and Human Management issues] and building good relationship among staff within the organization and out of the organization.

Roles and Responbilities
Among other the following the following are duties and responsibilities of
Accountant cum financial manager

  • Working with a team in financial management/accounts section to record daily financial transactions of TADEPA:
  • Facilitate Budget and planning, Budget follow up as per cost allocation, Liquidation, financial reporting Risk and fraud internal control and detection for appropriate
  • To maintain and update and reliable cash and bank books, floats register, bank reconciliation and monthly cash counts.
  •  Preparation of monthly accounts, ledger, payroll and reconciliation statements.
  •  Producing monthly financial reports and submitting other reports as requested for aspects of the program.
  • Monitoring and supervising finance and Procurement office to adhere with procedures and regulations in all financial matters.
  • Foreseen budget allocation, budget reviews (budget monitoring/ follow up) and advising Programme Team accordingly.
  • Payment of Statutory deduction(NSSF,PAYE) and remit timely and appropriately to responsible Authorities
  • Preparation of financial reports as per Donors Requirements and Auditing purposes
  • To maintain a data base of all records related to financial matters of the project

Required Qualification `

  • Bachelor Degree/ Advanced/ Post Graduate Diploma in accountancy, Finance or Business Administration
  •  Computer literacy
  • With skill and Knowledge on computerised Account packages
  • Self – development skills (interest in increasing career skills / knowledge of development and health sectors
  • Ability to deal with multi-task
  • Good presentation skills and Public relation for organisation good image

Health and HIV Service Officers (1 post per district required total 3 candidates )

Reporting to: TADEPA USAID Kizazi Kipya Programme Coordinator

Job Summary
To ensure that OVC are accessing their entitle services which are provided by Kizazi Kipya which include: Family Health insurance or health Card [Bima ya Afya iliyoboreshwa] referrals for OVC to obtain routine timely health care, referrals for emergency Health Care, referral for early infant Diagnosis (EID), completed referral for immunization appropriate to age as per National Vaccination protocol, age appropriated HIV treatment literacy for CLHIV, age appropriate counseling and HIV disclosure support HIV adherence, Assessment of nutrition status of infants and young children and provision of age appropriate nutrition counseling, household Hygiene counselling and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene( WASH) massaging ,Adolescent participants in a structured, evidence based sexual and reproductive health and HIV education intervention.

Role and responsibilities

  • Represent the CSO and coordinate with the Council Health Management Team regarding HIV and Health related activities.
  • Hold monthly Coordination meetings with care and treatment Centers (CTC) in implementation area to support shared confidentiality, facilitate case conferencing, improve the bio-directional referral system, and ensure HIV Positive beneficiaries receive needed services.
  • Support Early Child Development (ECD) corners at targeted health facilities, regular monitoring and supportive supervision.
  • Support Community Case Workers (CCWs) to work with high pediatric volume CTCs to trace HIV positive OVCs who miss appointments, enroll them with Kizazi Kipya project and link them back to CTCs
  • Support CCWs to conduct risk HIV risk assessments for OVC during case management ,refer and link at risk OVCs to HIV Testing and Counseling(HTC)
  • Schedule Sexual Reproductive Health Education outreaches to teen club and organize adolescent with high risk behaviors
  • Work with OVC supporters and implementation partners HIV Curriculum to CCWs and ensure CCWs provide appropriate support to HIV positive OVC and caregivers.
  •  Support CCWs to strengthen the capacity to caregivers to support HIV OVCs and ensure CCW refer HIV positive OVC and caregivers to PLHIV support groups.
  •  Ensure screening for care givers for depression and link them to appropriate services.
  • Support the roll out of evidence based curriculums related to HIV (e.g. stepping stones Sinovuyo Teens, Sexual Reproductive Health Education, Care for Child Development etc.
  • Support establishment of a bi-directional referral system to monitor beneficiaries through HIV continuum of care as well as service completion for other health and social services.
  • Monitor implementation, bottlenecks, and performance metrics of bi-directorial referral system; pro-actively offer solutions, conduct quarterly improvement activities and improve adjustments to improve referral outcomes.
  • Coordinate Quarterly District level quality improvement meetings with relevant bidirectorial referral system stakeholders; ensure actions from the meetings are implemented by bi-directoral referral system is improved.
  • Work with M&E Officer to ensure all bi-directional referral data are accurate and produced weekly, use data for decision making.
  • Lead the development of service directory for Health, Nutrition, and HIV services in implementation area; update the directory at least once a year.
  • Support CCWs to conduct nutrition activities, including nutrition assessment, counseling, and linkage to other nutrition service providers.
  • Provide continuous supportive supervision to CCWs to ensure provision of healthrelated service and referrals and linkages to beneficiaries.
  • Submit timely updates to the Program Coordinator for inclusion in the quarterly, seannual and annual reports. .
  • Document lessons learnt and best practices for experience sharing and replication.
  • Perform any other relevant duties assigned by project leaders

Required experience:
Advanced Diploma/ Diploma in Clinical/ Public Health, Health education, Nursing, BA in social work,

Skills and Experience

  • At least 3 year and above working experience.
  • Experience in HIV interventions and other health services, and aware and fully knowledgeable about 90- 90- 90 strategies in relation to HIV
  • Community health experiences and capacities and ability to work with Community Health Workers, Health Committees (villages Health committees, Ward Development committees, Health facilities committees) etc.
  • Ability to build relationship with families affected by HIV/AIDS child, youth Vulnerable Adolescent Girls/ boys , community leaders and wider community
  •  Able to work with Health facility staff in CTC Peer Educators and empowerment Workers at different district council levels.
  • Computer literacy is highly required.
  • Able to relate gender norms, social, economic & culture and HIV/AIDS in addressing their challenges accordingly.
  • Able to timely data collection, compilation and analysis data
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision

How to submit your application
Interested Applicants who feel that meet requirements as stated in each post, please apply send / submit your Application to:

TADEPA Executive Director
P.O.Box 1603 Bukoba
Email: tadepaprojec@gmail.com
: tadepakahamaorg@gmail.com

(Submit only covering letter and a CV and copies of certificates

[All hard copies and soft copies are accepted])
Indicate in your application on what post your applying as we have different post to avoid mixed application and confusion. The Application should be submitted before 14th 09/ 2019 which will be a Closing date for the application.

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