Download Your National ID (NIDA) COPY Here | Download COPY NA NAMBA YA KITAMBULISHO CHA NIDA | National ID Verification Portal

Download Your National ID (NIDA) COPY Here
Download Your National ID (NIDA) COPY Here

NIDA National ID Verification Portal | Namba Za NIDA, Kitambulisho Cha Taifa, National ID Welcome to National ID Verification Portal
National Identification Authority (NIDA) is a public institution with a mandate of registering and issuing Secured National ID Cards to Citizen, Legal Residents and Refugees who are 18 years and above

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NIDA also manages National ID Database. Data stored in NIDA database is then shared by NIDA stakeholders eg. Banks, Social Security funds for their customer Identifications processes. This portal is for retrieving information from National ID Database. Intended users are i) NIDA Stakeholders ii) National ID card owner. Who uses this portal to set PIN CODE which shall be used to disclose his or her information when needed. CLICK LINKS HAPA CHINI KUPATA NAMBA YAKO YA NIDA NA COPY YA KITAMBULISHO CHAKO CHA NIDA: 


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